Write less and do more with jQuery


jQuery was released in 2006 by John Resign, it’s free, open-source JavaScript library. jQuery’s motto is “Write less, do more” — and that’s exactly what it does. It enables you to do more with JavaScript by its reusability.

The common JavaScript tasks are wrapped into the methods in jQuery. Developers can simply call these methods, instead of writing out all that code by hand, and then it takes care of the rest. This allows users to write better code and be more productive.

Currently, many sites with JavaScript uses jQuery with an estimated amount of more than 50% of all websites.

Features :

jQuery has a wide range of features, including:

DOM Traversal and Manipulation

DOM(Document Object Model), is an interface provided by the browsers which allow programs and scripts to modify the HTML elements. The DOM allows JavaScript code to change and edit HTML and CSS on the web, making it interactive. JQuery includes many powerful tools that make it easier to find and work with these various elements.

Event Handling

It makes it easier to catch events (user interactions) without having to fill in your HTML code with loads of complicated event handlers that make it difficult to read. For example, a developer can build code with just a few lines of code, which runs whenever a user clicks on a certain item.


AJAX (or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is used to load and view data without having to reload the tab. For instance, AJAX can be used for login forms: AJAX sends a login request, and when the page updates have been accepted as needed. No need to go to a different login page.

Should you learn jQuery?

Although there is less need today for new websites to use it than a couple of years ago (as modern browsers have overcome some of the basic problems that led to the launch of jQuery), the overwhelming number of sites that already use it makes it important for developers to know.

It enables you to do more, faster

If you’re still relatively new to JavaScript, mastering It can open up an entirely new universe with exciting opportunities. With jQuery, many of the topics that you still find difficult are made much easier, which will enable you to start working on more exciting projects quicker. Many experts also suggest mastering It before JavaScript, so you can get going using more tools as quickly as possible.

jQuery is easy to learn

It is great for beginners as learning is easy and you can do a lot of things. As well as expanding your page’s capabilities, jQuery helps keep the application clear, tidy, and easy to read. Legible coding is important when you get going because it makes your errors easier to spot!

Don’t Forget JavaScript!

For standard JavaScript, all jQuery does can be done, but you need a whole lot of coding (and understanding) to do so. But this doesn’t imply that you should let jQuery do all the job for you! We suggest that you continue using jQuery but keep developing your JavaScript expertise so that you can understand how it does what it does.

jQuery is still in high demand

Despite over 50% of websites use jQuery, there is little likelihood it’s still in demand. JQuery is still the sixth most-used category on Stack Overflow with over 870,000 topics in total as of September 2017 — and thousands more added each week.

Gooroo estimates there are about 10,000 jobs advertised globally every month that include jQuery, including just over 4,000 in the U.S. Globally, average wages are about $76,000, increasing to $93,000 in the US.

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