Advantages Of React Js For Web Application Development

ReactJs is one of JavaScript’s most popular open-source libraries, used to construct an amazing interface for users. It was initially launched back in 2013, and in August 2019 it was the last stable version. React Js is mainly used to build the mobile applications user interface.

It is funded by Facebook and the network of large developers around the globe. It is actually partnered with lots of leading brands. Many of them include Google, PayPal, Netflix, Twitter, Snapchat, and the BBC.

In this article, we will discover why it has grown so popular? What are the advantages developers obtain while using the development of the ReactJs web app?

The open-source library that is continuously developing

ReactJs is among the first JavaScript open-source. It gets so many advantages due to the open-source nature. Around the globe, there are many developers working relentlessly to make it even better. Open-source contributors to Github 1200 + are operating with that library. The engineering team for Facebook and Instagram is also there to back it up. The use of an open-source library reduces the overall web development time considerably.

Easy usability and functionality

Unlike other frameworks, the development of the React Js web doesn’t allow a developer to learn new languages. It is written primarily in JavaScript since most developers are familiar with Java. The library of This framework is simple to learn and use. React has so many training papers and tutorials. Anyone with HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts expertise will be able to easily learn and use it within a few days. Also, it can be easily integrated into third-party libraries and frameworks.

Virtual DOM feature

It has the function of DOM (Document Object Model). Dom is a logical document structure in the format HTML, XHTML, and XML. Changes to in-memory data are first added to virtual DOM while using React Js. The required DOM operations are determined after that, and the actual DOM is updated accordingly. This helps developers deliver better results and better user experience.

Reuse the system components

React Js is based on the various components. – React component has its own rendering control and logic and can be used wherever you can. This feature simplifies and speeds up the overall web development process. Because of this feature, it is easier to maintain an App built with React Js. This is the major advantage of React Js according to the developer community.

Numerous development tools

React Js has numerous design and debugging tools which make developing a reliable and efficient web application easier for developers. React Developer Tools is an enhancement to the Chrome and Firefox software. This extension enables developers to look at the hierarchies of reactive components. This lets developers discover components for the children and parents. It also lets developers examine the current state of the individual components and their properties.


Upon considering all the major benefits we mentioned above, React Js emerges as one of the most flexible and mature frameworks for developing web applications. The developers prefer most to react Js. A lot of high-traffic websites are currently using React Js as we mentioned earlier. To sum up, the first preferred choice for any startups or established brands should be the React Js.

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