Simple Image Uploading In CodeIgniter

Image Uploading in CodeIgniter

Hi Guys!! Here We are sharing image uploading script in CodeIgniter with you. It’s a simple image uploading in CodeIgniter. It make use of CodeIgniter’s in-built file upload library. You can setup this with in 10 minutes. So, let’s start it.

image uploading

Step1: Download  code from here. Extract the code in htdocs(or equivalent) folder of your localhost.

Step2: Open phpMyAdmin, select your database and run the below code in SQL.

Step3: Open application/config/database.php and set your database credentials. See below screenshot:


Step4: Run http://localhost/image_upload(your project name may differ) in browser. That’s all. You are done.

Enjoy Coding!!

If you find difficulty to setup this code, you can write us here.

Live Demo

Download Code

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